Region II, District 4, Division C, Area C-4, Club #1435

Club Awards

To honor and recognize a Toastmaster who has made a significant contribution to the goals and mission of SRI Organon Toastmasters. The recipient must be generally recognized by his/her fellow Toastmasters within the club for outstanding contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Membership Building and Retention
  2. Club Extension
  3. Education and training of others
  4. Self development and improvement of others
  5. Leadership functions
  6. External Public Relations and Promotion of Toastmasters
  7. Involvement in external activities (e.g. Conferences/Contests)

This Year’s Awards Recipients (for 2015)

  • Toastmaster of the Year:  John Sleeman
  • Karl Lind Award:  Hal Huntley

Previous  Recipients

  Toastmaster of the Year Karl Lind Achievement Award
2014 Diane Young Denise Hamilton
2013 Diane Young Eileen Behr
2012 Naomi Levenson Chat Vaewsorn
2011 Margaret Winterburn Susan Swope
2010 Philip Cosby Philip Cosby
2009 Jack Sramek Kathryn Morrison
2008 Dan Brehmer William Jarrold
2007 Tiffa Taylor Dan Brehmer
2006 Susan Swope Jeanne Ledbetter
2005 Margaret Winterburn Hal Huntley
2004 Eileen Behr Peter Jarvis
2003 Ken Murray Margaret-Anne Halse
2002 Peter Jarvis Philip Cosby
2001 Bob Brown Reema Mahamood
2000 Reema Mahamood Ginny Schaefer
1999 Kevin Crossman Naomi Levenson
1998 Kevin Crossman Gisela Standiford
1997 Doris Tse Kevin Crossman
1996 Doris Tse Winnie Shows
1995 Winnie Shows Julia Olkin
1994 Hal Huntley Doris Tse
1993 Robbie Eres Naomi Levenson
1992 Doris Tse Reema Mahamood
1991 Reema Mahamood Julia Olkin
1990 Julia Olkin Hal Huntley
1989 Aldora Lee Ann Williams
1988 Hal Huntley Shelly Horwitz
1987 Shelly Horwitz Anne Peterson
1986 Joe Gruender  
1985 Diane Powell  
1984 R.C. Heck, Karl Lind  
1982 Judy Davis  
1980 Susan Swope