Region II, District 4, Division C, Area C-4, Club #1435

Club Rules

Adopted July 9, 1991 – Amended March 29, 2005
For the purposes of these rules, the club refers to SRI Organon Toastmasters.

A. Executive Committee Authority and Responsibility

  1. The outgoing Secretary will provide incoming officers with a copy of the club’s constitution, by-laws, and standing rules at their installation.
    1. The Treasurer for January-June will present an annual budget to the Executive Committee at their first meeting after taking office, and the Executive Committee will present the budget to the club for approval within 6 weeks. Notice will be given to the club no less than seven days prior to the vote.
    2. The Treasurer for July-December will present the budget status to the club within three weeks of taking office.The Treasurer will also prepare the budget for the following calendar year.
  2. The Executive Committee may authorize expenditures of up to $100 for non-budgeted items without specific club approval, provided club reserves remain at or above $200.

B. Meeting Procedures

    1. Evaluations for the prepared speeches may use either the long or short time as shown below, depending on the needs of the program (e.g., whether there are two or three speakers scheduled). The Toastmaster for the meeting will decide which time will be used. The times are as follows: 
      Timing Minimum Green Yellow Red Flashing
      Long 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30
      Short 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00


  1. Only current or former Toastmasters, or speakers whose topics relate directly to Toastmaster objectives (e.g., improvement of communication and leadership skills) can be scheduled to speak at club meetings unless approved by the club.
  2. Toastmaster members from any club, or guests (if willing and if time permits) may be called on for Table Topics. Table Topics Masters should first call on members of the club who have no other assignment at that meeting.
  3. Only one award (Best Speaker, Evaluator, or Table Topics) may be awarded to one individual at a single club meeting. A person receiving a plurality for 2 awards will receive the higher award (Best Speaker or Best Evaluator). The person with the second highest number of votes will receive the Best Table Topics award. The SAA will keep confidential the actual results.
  4. Club fines are as follows: 1 penny per “Ah”, rounded to the nearest nickel; 1 nickel for not using the word of the day; 1 dollar per week for not returning the trophy.

C. Membership

  1. Individuals who have visited the club three times are eligible to apply for membership.
  2. For purposes of determining a quorum for voting on club business, an inactive member shall be defined as someone who has not attended a club meeting for four consecutive weeks or more prior to the vote and is not present at the voting meeting. This does not affect the member’s club standing in any other respect.

D. Recognition

  1. The club will pay full cost of registration (including one meal) for a club member representing the club at any area, division, district, regional or international contest, insofar as those costs are not reimbursed by the district or Toastmasters International. At district level and above, this includes the contest event only, not the full conference registration).
  2. The club will purchase from the Toastmasters International catalog a small CTM pin for members earning that recognition level, and will purchase a plain ATM or DTM name badge or pin for members earning those levels. Members may order a more expensive item if they wish and reimburse the club for the difference. The Immediate Past President will receive an IPP pin. Traditionally the outgoing President passes on the President’s pin to the incoming President.
  3. The recipient of the Karl Lind award receives a plaque to keep, in addition to having his/her name engraved on the club’s Karl Lind Trophy.