Region II, District 4, Division C, Area C-4, Club #1435

Get Involved!


We encourage anyone interested in our club to attend our weekly meetings. To obtain more information or to verify the location of a particular meeting (location may change occasionally), please contact us. We look forward to seeing you.

Joining Our Club

Membership Fee.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Toastmasters International New Member Fee: $21.60
    This fee entitles you to the new member packet that includes the basic Communication and Leadership Manual and three educational booklets. This is a one-time-only fee, valid even if you transfer to another club.
  • Toastmasters International Dues: $45.00
    These dues entitle you to six months subscription to The Toastmasters magazine, the District 4 Newsletter, and subsidize the area and division speech contests, the district conference, and educational seminars. Dues are collected semiannually in October and April and are prorated if you join in another month.
  • Club New Member Fee: $10.00
    This fee entitles you to our club new member packet that includes the Toastmasters International pin and the Club New Member Guide. This is a one-time-only fee for our club only.
  • Club Dues: $15.00
    This fee is used for producing our club newsletter, educational modules, speech contents, and related expenses, etc. Dues are collected semiannually in October and April.  Note: When dues are renewed, SRI subsidizes the club dues for those members who are its employees.

Becoming a Member.

SRI Organon policy is to have a guest visit the club at least three times before inducting him/her as a member. This time allows a prospective member to have a clear idea of how the group works before making a commitment. The guest may be inducted into the club at anytime thereafter. If this is your third visit, and you have decided to join us, inform any member. You will be given an application form and asked to fill in you name, address, and phone numbers, and the name of your sponsor if you have one. Either your mentor or an officer of the club will then explain the dues and arrange for our President to induct you into the club at the next meeting that you attend.

Your Induction.

Bring the completed application and check to the meeting. Our Treasurer will collect them from you. After the introduction of guests, one of our Sergeants-at-Arms will escort you outside the room while the club takes a vote (just a formality) and then you will be welcomed back. The Sergeant-at-Arms will escort you to the lectern and you will receive your Toastmasters International pin and Club New Member Packet from our President. From that time on you will be a member of our club. Your Toastmasters International new member kit will be mailed to you in approximately two to three weeks.

New Member Questions

  • Can I vote on club business? Yes!
  • Can I be called upon to answer Table Topics? Yes!
  • Do I have to pay fines for not using the word of the day (5c) and making unnecessary utterances such as lipsmacks and Ahs (1c each)? Yes!
  • When do I give my first speech? Availability forms are posted every month. On this form you will indicate your availability to participate in meetings for the next five weeks. There is also a choice of choosing minor or major assignments. To begin with, we suggest that you choose minor tasks such as Grammarian, Ah Tabulator, Invocation/Pledgemaster, Jokemaster, Wordmaster, or Thought for the Day. Our VP of Education will assign a day for your first speech when you feel comfortable.