Region II, District 4, Division C, Area C-4, Club #1435

Post your availability for meeting assignments!

To assist our VPE in scheduling meeting roles, all members of SRI Organon Toastmasters are encouraged to enter their availability (or unavailability) using TEAMSNAP:

1. Login at teamsnap-login-page using your email address and teamsnap password.
2. In the “My Teams” box, click on “SRI Organon Toastmasters”.
3. Choose the “Availability” tab
4. Enter your availability for assignment at least three weeks into the future.
For each date click once for a “check” (available), twice for a “?” (don’t know), three times for “x” (unavailable).

Please try to keep this TEAMSNAP information current at least on a weekly basis.

For help or further information, please contact VPE Lindee. Her contact info is on the TEAMSNAP “Members” tab.