Region II, District 4, Division C, Area C-4, Club #1435

The 27th Anniversary Meeting and Awards

The 27th Anniversary Meeting featured a potluck luncheon and annual Toastmaster awards.

Margaret Meier-Brush of Atherton was honored with the club’s Communication and Achievement Award. Ms. Meier-Brush is the president of the Children’s Health Council Auxiliary, a volunteer group that holds fundraisers and organizes volunteers to support the Children’s Health Council. The club presents the award annually to a local leader who is not a member of Toastmasters, who uses communication and leadership skills to serve the community. Margaret Winterburn presented the award.

The club also honored two members. Susan Swope, a charter member, received the Toastmaster of the Year Award for distinguished service and accomplishments; Jeanne Ledbetter received the Karl Lind Award for dedication and service to the club beyond the call of duty. Since both were unable to attend the meeting, their awards were presented at a later meeting. They missed the food and conversation, but not our appreciation for their contributions to the club.

Left to right: Margaret Winterburn, Margaret Meier-Brush

Left to right: Margaret Winterburn, Margaret Meier-Brush